Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poetry Friday - Itchy dog

Nani's sister and cousin, with Nana Ji and Donny - June 1958 Surajkund lake

ITCHY DOG - Nandini Bajpai

He liked to snake beneath the hedge;
a spiky, scratchy, bushy hedge,
curving along the edge
of Nani's garden.

Crawling commando slow,
itchy-twitchy limbo low,
tunneling thru prickly rows,
in canine heaven.

We're chronicling memories of old family pets via verse. The idea is to write down anecdotes my kids like to hear about critters that belonged to my parents and grandparents (Nani and Nana Ji = grandparents in Hindi). They're totally off the cuff, but kind of fun for all of us, and a good break from Revising The Novel.

To read more about Donny, the dog this is about, see THE DOG IN THE RICKSHAW.

Poetry Friday roundup is hosted today by Susan Taylor Brown.


Kiki Hamilton said...

I love your doggy poem! Do you and your kids write them? And doesn't that dog look alot like YOUR dog?

Nandini said...

Hi Kiki!!
Yes, he looks a lot like Yogi doesn't he? I've been writing the Old Pet Chronicles on Fridays, with input from the kids. To get a break from the revisions (more procrastination ...) and save the stories for the kids. We've had to call my Mum in Australia with questions ... but what kind of hedge did Donny crawl through, Nani? Fun!

Kelly said...

I love it, Nandini!! I really love that you are chronicling the pets through verse. What a fabulous and creative idea.
We both have dog themes today!

Nandini said...

Thanks Kelly! I really enjoyed your Hot Dog poem as well!

jama said...

Love reading about animals. What a wonderful way to creatively chronicle fond memories. Great language: "itchy twitchy limbo low." :) Arf!

Nandini said...

Thanks Jama! We're really enjoying working on this verse memoir.

Julie Larios said...

Great poem, Nandini - nice use of rhyme and rhythm without it feeling "formal" - just fun. And I love the project - I might take it up for my own family pet scrapbook.

Nandini said...

Thank you! I'm glad Poetry Friday prompted me to start this project, because I think we'll treasure it for quite some time. How wonderful that you might use it too!

laurasalas said...

Nandini--This is so fun. My favorite line is:

itchy-twitchy limbo low,

Fantastic--what a nifty project!

Nandini said...

Thanks, Laura!! I love how it's bridging the generational gap as much as the writing!

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